We pride ourselves on our carefully chosen range of kitchen worktops as we strongly recommend careful consideration is given to the work surface, analysing all factors involved, including: the level of maintenance, practicalities and even hygiene (yes, it is a thing).

This brief overview will explain some of the different surfaces on the market:

Granite worktop
Natural stone giving a tough low maintenance surface with a luxury look and feel. One of the most popular worktops for premium kitchens wanting the very best.

granite 1 granite 2 Granite 3

Wood worktops
Offering a warm, touchable texture which is best used as a feature material on island or breakfast bars. Alternatively used all around the kitchen to giver a traditional or country look. The only consideration with timber tops is the required maintenance; sanding and oiling.

wood 1 wood 2 wood 3

Laminate worktop
laminate worktops are a low maintenance, resistant stains and chemicals. High scratch and wear resistance of our brand Duropal-HPL. Its elasticity of phenolic resin can explain the high resistance of HPL to chemicals and heat. Low price point makes this ideal for utility spaces and high usage kitchens

laminate 1 laminate 2 laminate 3

Corian worktop
A creative material, hygienic and durable, the Corian worktop is a beautiful solution offering seamless creative design. Resistant and repairable, Corian offers you the freedom to design a modern and designer kitchen.

corian 1 corian 2 corian 3

This is just a few of the options that can be used for worktops, with other surfaces such as stainless steel, toughened glass and Dekton its worth coming in to view our displays and samples in the showroom.