With the kitchen increasingly being the key living area of a family home, lighting comes into its own to change the mood from a purely functional room to a sophisticated, relaxation space.

It’s very important to get kitchen lighting right when creating your design. You need to be able to see well when cooking and helping the kids with their homework, but you’ll also want to be able to adjust the lighting ready for a relaxed evening meal. In order to achieve this, lights in different locations are ideal. You can see in the design below, feature lighting over the table section of the island as well as focused lighting for the back worktops and LED lighting in the extractor to help illuminate the hob.

Modern Matt Kitchen with feature lighting

Modern Matt Kitchen with feature lighting

The starting point in creating a kitchen lighting scheme is assessing the amount of natural daylight that comes into the room. A good amount of natural light coming in to brighten up the room can impact on how little or much task lighting is required. It also pays to consider the reflective qualities of the surfaces, especially in areas where lighting will be positioned directly above the worktop.  Materials such as glass splashbacks and sparkling stone will maximise the lighting, whereas darker timbers and dark granite will require additional lighting for the working area.

Vertical Lined Smooth Painted Wild Orchid and Arlington Oak

Consider putting ceiling or wall lights on a dimmer switch, to give an optional atmosphere.  If you tend to entertain in the kitchen (and most parties always end up there!), then background lighting will set the scene. Dimming the lights or switching off the task lighting will create the right mood, perhaps leaving on a few accents for a touch of drama. The key to any lighting scheme is the design. When it comes to positioning lights (downlights in particular), forget about grids and symmetry and think about the areas which really need to be well lit. LED lights in the ceiling, plinth and cornice lighting as well as task lighting to illuminate the worktops are all options on your new kitchen, and with our wide range of products and real world experience let us guide you though the options in our showroom.