Contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

Portrait Kitchens source high quality materials and use the latest production technologies to ensure that our modern kitchens are the most contemporary, in both design and finish. We often introduce new methods and luxury materials ahead of others in the market. All Portrait Kitchens modern handleless kitchens can be provided with recessed trims and sleek low plinth panels finished to match the door fronts or in brushed steel. Choose from handle less or handle system and an endless combination of materials to compliment your individual interior scheme.

Good design distinguishes itself by means of the synthesis from a creative and well thought-out composition and presentation. Our ingenious and sophisticated system featuring an unlimited choice of widths, depths and heights makes for a high degree of creative freedom.

Extremely robust and convenient full pull-outs, unusual shelf and cabinet solutions with an integrated lighting concept, and smart interior fittings offer optimal storage space. Customised solutions meet the highest of demands in terms of design and function and make our kitchens the starting point for unforgettable culinary experiences.

Space for contemporary living. Contemporary kitchen architecture takes new, individualised forms of living and furnishing into consideration.

Our kitchen designs are graceful, extremely practical and built to the highest specification. The infinite product choice combined with the skill of our team, makes it possible to create a modern kitchen at an affordable price.

Your ideal kitchen should showcase many different features such as aesthetics, functionality and space optimisation. That’s why you need a team of experts. Partnering with Portrait Kitchens gives you access to the best insight in the business. Let’s create your perfect modern kitchen.

Modern living is all about minimising effort and making a room look sleek. Because we use the latest production technology, your kitchen will be the best in the neighbourhood. Our name is synonymous with trendy kitchens. Because we stay informed on the latest developments we’re usually the first to offer these new options to our customers.

The materials you choose can be cut to any size needed. Allowing us to create widths, heights and depths according to your style, but also for practicality. We balance functionality with creativity to create kitchens you’ll love in every sense.

We don’t stop at creating a basic kitchen. Interior design is all about lighting and we can add this to your space. This has aesthetic benefits but you’ll also appreciate the light when it’s time to play chef in your new kitchen.

It’s all about creating a sleek kitchen that works exceptionally well. We make sure it’s optimised so you have as much storage and work space as possible. That’s smart architecture matched with smart interior fittings. Next we add striking aesthetics, according to your taste, so you’ll love looking at it as well as working in it

These exceptionally stylish and practical kitchens are attainable for anyone. Why? Because the Portrait Kitchen team provides services, material and appliances at affordable prices.

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