The kitchen in this modern coastal property near Camber Sands has a subtle seaside theme with its blue and white colouring.

The meticulous design of this kitchen harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetics, utilizing a strategic color palette to delineate various zones within the space. The pristine white tones dominate the functional kitchen area, lending it an air of efficiency and cleanliness. This choice not only enhances the room’s brightness but also accentuates the sleek, handmade, in-frame Shaker cabinets that grace the space. These cabinets, meticulously crafted, evoke a timeless charm while providing ample storage.

In contrast, a soothing blue hue envelops the social breakfast bar and wine cabinet sections, creating a welcoming ambiance for gatherings. The calming effect of blue seamlessly integrates with the coastal theme, fostering an environment conducive to relaxation and socialization. The ‘Sandy’ oak-style floors serve as the grounding element, connecting the different areas while infusing a touch of natural warmth into the overall design.

The marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation is evident in the choice of appliances. The kitchen boasts state-of-the-art additions such as a Neff steam oven and an induction hob crowned by a striking feature extractor from Elica. These elements not only enhance the kitchen’s functionality but also contribute to its contemporary allure.

Completing the coastal aesthetic are the white quartz worktops, subtly adorned with a hint of sparkle, catching and reflecting light. The thoughtfully chosen rattan furniture seamlessly integrates with the natural walls, providing the perfect finishing touches to this coastal kitchen. The soft curves of the cabinets not only contribute to the overall flow of the L-shaped space but also add a touch of elegance, harmonizing with the coastal theme and ensuring that every aspect of this kitchen is a testament to both form and function.