Portrait Kitchens’ stylish handleless range along with a mix of Corian and Quartz worktops, integrated Neff appliances, antiqued mirror splashbacks and smoked oak wood grain details give this room a beautiful contemporary look.

In crafting this exceptional kitchen space, our designers embraced the grandeur of the double-height room, seizing the opportunity to elevate the aesthetic by integrating towering units that reach new heights of functionality and style. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the sprawling four-meter island, meticulously designed to not only serve as a culinary hub but also as a statement piece. At its heart lies a generous wine cooler, ready to complement your culinary endeavors with a touch of sophistication.

Adding to the allure of this culinary haven is an open bookshelf end, a testament to both form and function. It not only showcases your collection of culinary literature or cherished décor but also contributes to the kitchen’s airiness, creating a space that feels both inviting and expansive. The inclusion of a stylish breakfast bar invites casual gatherings, bridging the gap between culinary artistry and conviviality. The central hob, with its contemporary design, is paired seamlessly with an extractor, underscoring the commitment to both aesthetics and practicality.

While the design exudes a cool, contemporary charm, we recognized the importance of infusing warmth into the heart of this culinary sanctuary. Thus, we artfully incorporated soft matte colors and wood grain elements, striking a delicate balance between modernity and timeless comfort. The result is a kitchen that not only caters to the demands of a contemporary lifestyle but also wraps you in a familiar embrace, radiating a homely, family-centric vibe that makes every culinary moment a cherished memory in the making.